CFD Trading with CMC Markets (Jul – Nov 2023)


Recently, I re-started my trading journey with CFD platform CMC Markets. Day trading is never easy, plus the fact that I like to trade US equities makes it even more of a strain with the late nights. But with trading income being a core part of the strategy for SideHustleRich, I’ve decided to come back to it, slow and steady.

I funded S$4,000 into the account in July, and here are the monthly highlights and statistics from Jul 2023 to Nov 2023. Given it took me a while to document these, it will be highlights, and from December onwards, I’ll try to put together a more detailed trade summary.


July 2023

Funded the account with S$4,000. Made my initial trades on 31 July with Meta and Amazon. Not much to add for July as there wasn’t too much action.

End of month balance: S$3,966.49

August 2023

In August, trades were made on Amazon, Meta, Tesla, Wework, PayPal. Realised P&L were eaten away by holding costs, and from a realised P&L perspective, there was a loss of $66.52, and an unrealised loss of $607.86.


End of month balance: S$3,899.97

September 2023

In September, trades were made on Adobe, Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft, PayPal, Walt Disney, WeWork. Realised profit was $478.69. Net of commission and holding costs, it was S$165.39 to bring us above S$4,000.

Unrealised loss of $1,376.06


End of month balance: S$4,065.36

October 2023

In October, trades were made on Adobe, Alphabet, Meta, Netflix, PayPal.

Realised P&L was S$2,740.01. Taking into account commission and holding costs, net profit was S$2,431.67. Unrealised loss of S$883.38

Notable trades include Netflix with a profit of $2,556.40 and Adobe with a profit of S$421.16.

End of month balance: S$6,497.03

November 2023

In November, trades were made on Alphabet, Meta, PayPal, RIOT, Tripadvisor.

Realised P&L was S$2,808.14. Net profit after commissions and holding costs were S$2,498.51.

Notable trades include RIOT (+$1,174.43), Tripadvisor (+$682.39) and Meta (+$562.37). I made multiple trades in RIOT (A bitcoin mining company) to take advantage of the current volatility the crypto market is experiencing. All trades were closed within the month, with no unrealised profit/loss.

End of month balance: S$8,995.54

After a shaky start to August and September, the pace finally picked up from October, and total profit from CFD trading thus far (effectively from August to November) total to just about S$5,000.

So far in December, I’ve been sticking to November’s proven trend/strategy of leveraging Bitcoin’s volatile upward spike in anticipation of the ETF approval to day-trade RIOT. Looking forward to providing updates once December wraps.

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