Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review -Dec 2024 My Results!


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Support Group

Extremely important to know! Not like other online courses that have a private Facebook group for their members to ask questions, in this private Facebook group, you get answers to your questions from Michelle herself!

Every week (?), there is a special day when Michelle posts her post “Ask Michelle,” where you can ask your question and get an answer directly from Michelle, not from another coach or assistant.


Every Monday, there is also a ‘Motivation Monday’ post, posted by Michelle where she invites members of the group to share their goals for the week or share things they have been working on, creating engagement and increasing motivation.

Another weekly post by Michelle is “Share Day Tuesday”, where she invites all course members to help one another by sharing other people’s affiliate links and posts! Creating a mutual support network, helping new bloggers to get going, get shares, likes and comments on their posts.

Winning Wednesday” post, inviting all members to share their wins, small and big ones and get encouragement from everyone else!


On top of that, you can also post your questions in the group and get advice from other bloggers anytime you want to


Who Will Most Benefit from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

Bloggers! No doubt about it. If your dream is to be a content creator and make series income as an affiliate without putting yourself out there, without having to become an influencer on YouTube or anything like that, then this is the perfect course for you!


It is no secret that Michelle has made an enormous amount of money just from her blog applying affiliate marketing strategies. She is travelling around the world with her husband and her baby, working on her blog a few hours a week and living the dream of many of us!

So, if the lifestyle of working from anywhere in the world publishing content on your blog and making tens of thousands of dollars a month doing just that is something you always wanted to do (like I did), then don’t hesitate to purchase the course and starting today!

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