Bizarre Beyond Belief: 18 Outrageous Reasons That People Got Fired


Most of us have experienced getting fired from our jobs at some point in our lives. Some were for petty and weird reasons, others were valid—whichever it is, here are the 18 reasons people get fired!

Caution! Some were so crazy and hilarious that you won’t believe they really happened.


1. Exchanging Alcohol for Shrimp

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One person shared, “I gave the fry guy an alcoholic beverage from the bar in a kids cup. He used to hook me up with coconut shrimp and fiesta rolls. They fired both of us lol. I wonder how Jamaar is doing nowadays.”

The second person replied, “I drank alcohol from a kid’s cup and got fired. I just wanted to try Angry Orchard. It wasn’t even good. I made the mistake of leaving the cup amongst other employee cups and a manager found it. I don’t even like drinking and it was just extra. But I am glad I am not the only person let go for drinking alcohol from a kid’s cup out there! Lol.”

2. Manager Scheduled Me During Class

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Somebody commented, “My manager kept losing my class schedule. Worked at a subway. I had class two days a week. Several times he put me on those days anyway. I gave him multiple copies every time. Owner took me off the schedule for ‘Calling out too much’. When I showed the owner proof he said it was too late and they already hired someone else. This was 12 years ago. I’m still mad.”


Another Redditor replied, “I always hated the ‘taken off the schedule’ bull. Just fire me officially instead of taking the cowards route. This happened to me as well when I did not tell the general manager about a floor manager switching a product display TV to football one day. To be clear, she asked me, ‘Why did you not tell me?’ So she already knew it happened and was mad that I did not say anything. So I got ‘taken off the schedule’ because the other manager did something against policy and I did not narc.”

3. They Fired Me Before I Started

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“A business I went to long ago was hiring, and I got the job. Right after I signed all the paperwork, the department manager comes in and asked who I am. I tell him I was just hired as a temp. Manager says he never authorized any hiring and fired both me and my boss on the spot. I did not work for this company at all, and they fired me,” said one.

The second person replied, “I had a similar experience. I was interviewing for a sales position and I made it all the way up the ladder through three different managers, to the advertising director. Had a great interview. He told me I would be the future of this industry shook my hand, led me to the HR manager’s office, clapped me on the back, and said to her, ‘We’re hiring him. Start the paperwork and I’ll see you Monday.’


“She was pregnant, tired, and annoyed. She looked at me with disgust and said, ‘We eliminated that position yesterday. We’re not hiring anyone.’ I asked if the director or managers knew that. She said they should. What followed was an embarrassing two weeks of promises that they would make a spot for me and weak apologies from the hiring managers. Ooof. Hired and fired within seconds.”

Finally, the third added, “They did you a favor. Working for a company that is broken and dysfunctional would be a nightmare.”

4. I Requested a Raise

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One user commented, “I was denied a raise by HR after consistently working 60-70 hours weeks, and my VP (who had supported and requested the raise for me) told me to stop putting in the extra time, work my 40, and spend that extra time applying to new jobs. Within a month, a meeting was called to ‘mutually part ways’ because my work wasn’t getting done. I was gratified to learn that they had to hire two people to do my job after I left.”

Somebody else added, “Bet that felt good knowing they had to pay two people for what you did all by yourself. Glad you got outta there though!”

5. Fired for Putting in My Two-Week Notice

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Somebody shared, “I got fired once for putting in my 2-week notice. The only other time I’ve gotten fired was working for a trade company during the first week. I was a supervisor, and there was a second supervisor on site. I got a call that my wife had been rushed to the hospital, which was literally less than a mile away. I asked the other supervisor if I could go to attend to her, and he said, ‘Sure, no problem, I’ve got things here. Go.’

“I returned to the job site later to find the boss there, and he let me go on the spot for leaving the team ‘Without a supervisor’. He knew what had happened, and still fired me. I won’t lie, that one kind of [made me mad].”

Then somebody else added with a similar experience with their wife, “Happened to my wife. She was due her first commission check, but they fired her on the spot when she gave notice. Literally about 100 bucks too.”

6. Fired for Sitting Down

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One user said, “For doing my job too quickly and sitting down the rest of the time. Gas station cashier 3rd shift.

“Me: ‘Why should I stand when I’m the only person in the store?’

“Manager: ‘It’s more professional to stand than sit.’

“Me: ‘Then why do you sit in your office?’”

Another one replied, “I never understood that. Not once have I walked into an establishment, seen an employee sitting, and gone, ‘Wow. He’s unprofessional.’ I literally don’t give a f-, as long as you do your job.”

“Especially gas stations. If anything, they’re the kind of jobs I would expect to see someone sitting,” added another.

7. “I’m Only Here Until Something Better Comes Along…”

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Somebody shared their hilarious job-related experience during the interview, “This isn’t why I got fired, but this is why I didn’t get a job. I was 16 and looking to work at a Dairy Queen as my first job. My mom drove me to the interview and I was super nervous.

“She looked me in the eye and said, ‘Just be honest and be yourself, and you’ll do fine.’  I walked into that interview, and when he asked me, ‘How long do you think you’ll work here?’ I responded, ‘Until something better comes along…’”

“OMG. My parents had to coach me on how to get a job when I started hunting. They were wondering why none of the jobs I had applied to had called me back so they started asking questions about the application process. Turns out you shouldn’t be honest on those personality assessments, at least not to the extent I was. They basically told me to answer as if I were another person,” added the second person with a similar experience.

Then somebody else added, “Amazing! Around the same age I was asked, ‘How would your friends describe you?’ and honestly answered. ‘They say I’m the crazy one.’ Weirdly did not get that job.”

8. They Handed Me a Check and Walked Me Outside

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“I talked my way into a job at a software company when they put a hiring notice in a local paper. I had no idea what the software did. I still don’t. They hired me as a trainer and no one ever explained what the product was. I did a few weeks where I was trained on the software but literally none of it ever made sense to me. It was like they were speaking gibberish.

“One day I showed up, a lady I had never seen before gave me a check, and walked me out to the parking lot. No one even ever said ‘you’re fired’ or anything. It’s one of the strangest things that ever happened to me,” shared somebody.

“That reminds me of a time that I got escorted out early from a group interview. The company was a little suspicious altogether, and the interviewer was even more sus because he was just wearing all black (polo and jeans) and was absolutely decked out in gold jewelry. Looked like he stepped out of a mob movie or something,” the second person replied.

9. Because My Wife Was Ill

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One user said, “I missed a lot of work because my wife got brain cancer. They called me in for a meeting and said, ‘Sorry, we are downsizing and letting a lot of people go’. They didn’t fire anyone else, including a co-worker who was caught fabricating reports.”

Then another one added with a question: “They didn’t announce the layoffs over the intercom in alphabetical order, did they?”

10. Job Abandonment; But I Was at the ER

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Somebody stated, “I went to the emergency room instead of work. Came back with an ER note and they said, ‘We won’t be needing that. Can you come with us?’ I was 18 and it was my first full-time job.”

“I had pneumonia and a doctor’s note. Came back to work a week later wheezing and puffing an inhaler. Got fired the next week. Jokes on them. I still got unemployment benefits when they tried to fight it. Doctor’s notes are good things,” added another person.

Finally, the third added, “I went to a funeral and took the three paid days off and called off a fourth because it was my grandmother and we were very close. They called it job abandonment.”

11. Working With a Felony

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Somebody commented, “My parole officer wanted to make sure I actually had a job, so he went to my employer listed on my file to surprise visit me on the job. I did home wiring so I worked at different job sites and rarely in the office. He called me to say he was going to charge me with a violation for lying to him about my whereabouts (this could’ve landed me back in prison for my remaining 10.5 years sentence).

“The owner of the company had to speak with him and vouch for me. My parole office didn’t charge me, but the owner sure did fire me that day. Finding a job with a felony isn’t an easy thing, and it wasn’t long before my PO threatened to charge me with a violation if I didn’t find a job soon.”

The second person replied, “What a f- clown process. I’m sorry you went through that.”

12. Let Go to Hire the Manager’s Girlfriend

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Somebody said, “I was a kid and just started at a local pizza place. I was let go couple weeks later because a pizza chef from Chicago had moved into the area and needed a job so it was a business decision that I totally understood. Week later, went to go get my last check and asked how he was doing, the girl up front was like, ‘pizza chef from Chicago? The only new hire was the manager’s new gf.’”

Somebody else replied, “I got let go in favor of hiring the manager’s gf once too. Very irritating.”

13. Fired for Being 10 Minutes Early Instead of 20

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“I refused to come in 15-20 mins early unpaid for my shift. I was always 5-10 min early but they decided they wanted me there earlier. I carried on as normal as I’m not coming in if I’m not being paid. Turned up for a 12pm shift at 11:49, no one would look at me when I arrived, then was thrown in a meeting and fired for being ‘late’. Was out the door before it even hit 12. It was the only time I’ve ever been fired,” shared somebody.

14. Building a Snow Sculpture

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“I built a snow scorpion sculpture (I used ketchup for the red glowing eyes and everything) on a particularly miserable day at a ski resort. The guests enjoyed my sculpture very much, management weren’t so happy,” said one.

“Sounds like crap management. Sad. I’m glad to hear you made the guests happy, though,” the second person added.

15. For Sneezing

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One person stated, “They sent me home because I sneezed and I was forced to get tested for Covid. Then, when I tested negative, I was terminated for ‘Abusing pandemic policies to stay home.’”

“That has to be illegal in some form,” replied somebody.

16. The CNA Lied About What Happened

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“I asked the CNA I was working with to stay with a confused patient, while I went and put a new IV in another patient. The CNA left the patient alone. She fell out of bed and got a big bloody skin tear on her arm. After I took care of that, I went and found the CNA and told her the patient was injured because of her insubordination. The CNA cussed at me, and left the unit. I did not see her again that shift. She and another CNA decided on their own to trade assignments.

“I wrote the CNA up. The CNA went to mgmt and lied about me. She said I called her by a racial slur and yelled at her. I did neither. Mgmt fired me rather than deal with a false claim of racism. I collected unemployment.

“The CNA did something similar with another nurse a couple of weeks later, and was fired. My mgr asked if I could be rehired. HR said no. When my mgr quit to start her own nursing agency a year later, she hired me,” one person stated. 

“You can’t pay me enough to go back to work in a nursing home. I have so many stories of problems between nurses and CNA’s getting each other in trouble and the residents caught in the middle,” replied another.

17. They Lowered My Pay So I Slept During My Shift

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“They lowered my pay, so I started sleeping at work and did only half the task they wanted me to do. Took them 3 years to fire me,” shared one Redditor.

“I’m amazed at how long it can take sometimes to fire a person. I had a boss who got shoulder surgery and was wildly add*cted to pain meds. Dude would show up to work high as a kite and started at the ceiling for hours. He got away with it for about 2 years before anyone said anything,” the second person replied.

18. I Gave My Employee Meal to My Mother

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Somebody commented, “I gave my employee meal to my mother. That’s literally it. I didn’t like eating the food there, so I had my mom bring me lunch, and I just gave my employee meal to her. Apparently, that was considered theft, so I was fired.”


Wow, some of the reasons above for getting fired were just crazy! Did you experience the same? Let us know in the comments!

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