F.I.R.E. Always have a Plan B! Better and cheaper!


I always say try not to be married to our jobs.


This is because if we spend our lives working and doing nothing else, if we should one day be retrenched or if we must stop working for whatever reason, we would be lost.

This is why so many people say if they retire, they would die faster.

For me, I have always thought of work as a means to an end which is to achieve F.I.R.E.


Of course, back then, there was no such acronym.

I was just thinking about being able to retire earlier from work or being able to stop exchanging my time and energy for money.


Anyway, having been a retiree for about 8 years now, I have been spending a lot of time on something that I really enjoy and that’s video gaming.

Now, I have to take my own advice but with a twist!

Don’t be married to any one hobby!

Recently, my gaming laptop has been a bit wonky.

The video card is probably on its last leg.

To be fair, I work it very hard as I use it for 8 to 14 hours daily.

I have been thinking of getting a new gaming laptop for some time but I decided to wait for prices to come down.

During the pandemic, the prices of computers shot through the roof as people were buying them to work from home and also because they had more free time, online video gaming activity also sky-rocketed.

So, I kept waiting until now.

I took advantage of the 11.11 sale going on now and bought a new gaming laptop, also from ACER.

Still a Nitro 5 which is a value for money gaming laptop by ACER but this is an upgrade with 16G of RAM and a RTX2050 graphics card.

For sure, it isn’t top of the line but it is already an upgrade to my current Nitro 5 with 8G of RAM and a GTX1050 graphics card.

Well, my current laptop is 6 years old.

Oh, the new NITRO 5 will also have a SSD that is 4x bigger than what I have now.

However, what is really amazing is how I am paying only $1,100 for my new Nitro 5!

When I paid $1,349 for my current laptop back in the day, people told me it was a good deal.

So, the new laptop is better and cheaper than my old one!

That makes me happy.

Of course, if you have been following my blog long enough, you would know that I am not just talking about my recent purchase.

This blog post is more allegorical.

Think about having contingency plans.

Think about delaying gratification.

Whether stocks or socks, we like to buy better products at lower prices.

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