9 Types of Work at Home Jobs with Google


Would you like to work remotely with Google? I’ve got good news: there are lots of money-making opportunities and work at home jobs with Google!


In my opinion, there are two companies that are significantly changing the landscape in how we do things, one being Amazon and the other being Google.

Just think back to when you had to purchase a license to download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to your computer. Nowadays, everyone uses Google Docs for these functions, and it’s completely free! My guess is that you use Google (search, analytics, Chrome, docs, calendar, maps, fiber, and YouTube) in some shape or form every single day.

With Google having its hand in almost every aspect of your digital life, it’s no surprise that it needs a massive workforce to continue with its innovations and dominance in the tech sector. Here are nine legit work at home jobs with Google.


1. Google Ads Quality Rater

Search engines, like Google and Bing, hire individuals to work from home, reviewing the relevancy of online ads compared to the keywords entered in the search query. While Google has sophisticated algorithms to properly place ads with the correct keywords, they also employ humans to double-check that these keywords and ads are relevant.

Ad Raters are not hired directly through Google but, instead, through contracted companies like Appen, TELUS International,