Is Rewarded Play Legit Or A Scam? (Ultimate 2023 Review!)


If you enjoy playing games on your phone, there’s actually a variety of apps that pay you for playing games that you can use to earn free gift cards and extra cash.

Today, I’m going over Rewarded Play, one of the most popular Android gaming apps that allows you to make money.


I downloaded and tested out the app to find out how it works. But is Rewarded Play legit? And does this app actually pay you for playing new mobile games?

Well, my Rewarded Play review is sharing my experiences with the app, how much it pays, and if it’s worth using.

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What Is Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play is a free Android app that lets you earn free gift cards for playing mobile games. All you have to do is download new games and play them to earn points, which are redeemable for dozens of different gift cards.

This is basically the same concept as Mistplay or Cash Cow, two other popular gaming apps that pay players.


Rewarded Play is available in the United States and Canada, but it’s growing into a fairly popular app in the space. Currently, Rewarded Play has over 50,000 reviews on the Google Play Store and is rated at 4.2 stars (out of 5).

Keep in mind, this app isn’t going to make you rich, but it’s a fun money-making app that has plenty of games to choose from.

Is Rewarded Play Legit?

Yes, Rewarded Play is legit and pays you to play mobile games. There are plenty of positive Rewarded Play app reviews, earning screenshots, and testimonials that say the app pays. And if you enjoy playing mobile games, it’s a great way to earn some gift cards in your spare time.

I was also able to download Rewarded Play and begin earning coins for playing different games. Overall, the app is very easy to use, and it’s a great online side hustle for anyone who likes playing mobile games.

Like other gaming reward apps, you won’t get rich by using Rewarded Play. But it’s a solid app in a very crowded space, and the selection of gift cards and games are two pluses for this app.

How Does Rewarded Play Work?

I downloaded Rewarded Play and tested it out for an afternoon to see how the app works. Overall, it’s a very easy way to earn rewards, and the app takes four simple steps:

  • Install the app and sign up
  • Download new mobile games and play them
  • Earn points
  • Cash out

1. Install Rewarded Play & Sign Up

To download Rewarded Play, head over to the Google Play Store on your Android device and download the app to get started. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to input an email and accept their data agreement.


The data agreement is to ensure that you’re comfortable with Rewarded Play tracking your phone usage to see that you’ve completed the game achievements. This is very standard in the world of gaming apps, and apps like Cash Giraffe and Money Well do the same thing.

2. Download Games & Play

Once you download Rewarded Play, you see a wide selection of games to download after you’ve signed up on the home screen of the app.

One of Rewarded Play’s best features is the range of games you can play. There are dozens of games usually that you can download and play to earn, so the app has something for everyone.

Rewarded Play using app

As you can see in my screenshot above, Rewarded Play also encourages you to download and play new games so you can work towards your first $5 gift card reward.

Now, many other mobile gaming apps that pay  work on a time system. This means you get paid a certain rate by the minute or hour. But Rewarded Play is different from these apps.

With Rewarded Play, you earn points based on achievements only. For example, you might have to reach level 5 or unlock a new item in a game in order to earn points. This is similar to the Drop app’s gaming section or several sites like InboxDollars that pay you to try new games and reach a certain level.

3. Earn Points

When you complete different achievements in Rewarded Play, you earn points. Rewarded Play refers to their points as “coins”. You’ll see them at the top right of your screen (in the shape of a star.)

You can also earn coins by spending money on in-app purchases for games you’re playing. But it’s possible to earn coins and cash out just by downloading and playing different games.

Just note that games will get increasingly harder to complete and pay out less as you continue to get through the bulk of the games.

Apps like App Flame or AppNana use the same model, so if you really want to maximize your earnings, it’s a good idea to try out several apps to keep your hourly earnings as high as possible.

4. Cash Out

Rewarded Play has a 45,000 point minimum redemption requirement, which equals a $5 gift card. Here are a few of the free gift cards you can redeem with Rewarded Play:

Rewarded Play gift cards
Some gift cards I can redeem in my Rewarded Play app.

You can’t redeem PayPal money, but the gift card selection is pretty extensive. And if you spot a brand you already shop at, it’s similar to earning real cash. Overall, the variety of gift cards is pretty solid for this side hustle.

You can also use points to spend on gaming-related purchases, like in-app purchases, free Steam games, skins, and more!

The $5 requirement is also pretty reasonable for the world of reward apps. And some money making apps have much higher cash out requirements, so this is one advantage of using Rewarded Play.

Rewarded Play claims that you can easily receive your first gift card within 48 hours, and other Rewarded Play reviews state the company pays out and is legit.

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Rewarded Play Games List – What Games Can You Play?

When you head over the “games” section of the app, you’ll find a long list of games to choose from that you can download and play immediately.

Here’s a list of games on Rewarded Play:

  • Bingo Blitz
  • Yahtzee
  • Coin Master
  • Match To Win
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Mystery Society
  • World Series Poker
  • Bingo Cash
  • Mahjong
  • Word Alchemy
  • Pirate Kings
  • Cookie Jam Blast
  • Sudoku


There are basically hundreds of games to choose from in practically every genre, including action, puzzle, strategy, word, and card games.

Believe me, you’ll find a game that you enjoy playing on this app if you already enjoy mobile gaming. As mentioned, this variety is one of the main advantages of using Rewarded Play.

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How Much Does Rewarded Play Pay?

The bottom line is Rewarded Play won’t replace your day job and pays a few dollars per day at most. However, it’s a great app if you want to earn some free gift cards in your spare time while you try out new and fun mobile games.

If you really enjoy playing these games, then it will definitely be worth it for you because it’s kind of like earning passive income.

Also note that you also have a cap of 5,000 points per day. Meaning, you can’t earn any more than that within 24 hours. This means it can take a few days to earn your first reward, and this is more of a fun side hustle than an app you can consistently grind to make money with.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of games
  • Extensive gift card selection
  • Free to use
  • Available in Canada and the United States
  • New games get added all the time


Other Rewarded Play Reviews

After trying out Rewarded Play, I think it’s a legit, high-paying app that’s worth using if you already spend time playing games on your Android phone. However, one of the best ways to tell if an app is worth using or not is to read reviews from other real users.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other Rewarded Play app reviews on forums like Reddit where people share their experiences:

  • Roastted says: “It worked for me. I redeemed a 5$ Amazon gift card. I’m not sure if it’s worth it though you are capped at 5,000 points a day. So it will take 14 days for a 5$ card and 31 days for a 25$ card. I got the digital code a few hours later as well instead of 7-14 days like they said which was nice.”
  • SubRedditsAreMyKink says: “I’ve been paid 5 gift cards already. I started playing a month ago; It’s pretty easy to earn when you have a lot of free time like me.”
  • penguing1227_ says: “They are legit. But income can get slow. If you pay attention and hit their bonuses you can make some easy $.”

Rewarded Play app review reddit

As you can see, these three users have cashed out with Rewarded Play and say it’s legit. Although the daily points cap means it takes time to earn larger gift card prizes.

Again, this app isn’t going to make you rich. But it’s a fun way to make a fast $10 or so in your spare time and without much work.

The Best Apps Like Rewarded Play

After testing out Rewarded Play, I think it’s a fun gaming app with a decent reward variety. However, it’s also important to mix-in several apps if you’re a serious gamer so you earn as much as possible.

Here are a few apps like Rewarded Play you can use to earn free money and gift cards:

Tom also made a YouTube video on some of the best ways you can play games for cash if you want even more Rewarded Play alternatives.

Again, if you like mobile games, I think it’s worth dabbling with a few of these apps like Rewarded Play. Otherwise, you’re better off trying different ways to make money online that have more potential!

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Is Rewarded Play A Scam?

No, Rewarded Play isn’t a scam, and the app lets you cash out dozens of different gift cards once you earn $5. It also has thousands of positive reviews from other players, and I found that the app is easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rewarded Play Safe?

Yes, Rewarded Play is safe to use. There are no scams or vulnerable information being taken when signing up for the app. I couldn’t find any reviews that stated problems with privacy or security concerns.

But, read through the user agreement to understand what information is being tracked when playing mobile games.

Is Rewarded Play For iPhone?

No, Rewarded Play is only available for Android devices and isn’t available for iOS devices at this time. If you want to find some alternatives, you can check out my post on the best iOS game apps that pay.

Is Rewarded Play Worth It?

Rewarded Play is worth it if you already spend time playing games on your phone and want to begin making money online. But if you want to make $500 a day or earn a full-time income, the app isn’t worth it.

Ultimately, Rewarded Play is just a fun app you can use to earn some free gift cards once in a while while having fun. It’s not a full-time online job or serious income source.

Why Does It Get Harder To Keep Earning Rewards?

As you continue to play through games, Rewarded Play slows down the earning potential and makes it harder to achieve certain goals. This is to incentivize you to play more games to keep providing feedback for sponsored game developers.

However, Rewarded Play has so many games to choose from, so it’s easy to try out different games that you enjoy so you keep earning rewards.

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Final Thoughts

I hope our Rewarded Play app review helps explain what this gaming app has to offer and its pros and cons.

If you like playing mobile games, Rewarded Play is definitely worth testing out. The $5 cash out minimum, game variety, and gift card selection are all pluses.

Now, if you want to try other side hustles, you can always consider working for some gig economy apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats to make money. But in terms of making money from your phone, Rewarded Play is pretty fun and convenient.

Thanks so much for reading. If you’ve tried Rewarded Play, let us know your thoughts about this app in the comments!

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Rewarded Play Review

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