Should You Use “Sell One Like This” On eBay?


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Should you be using the “sell one like this” tab when you’re listing your items on eBay? 

Some resellers say they do not use this option, but this is something we use all the time. We’ll talk about the best practices for using the “sell one like this” on eBay.

Why We Use “Sell One Like This”

The first thing I do when I go to set up a new eBay listing is click on the “sell one like this” that pops up. If you look at sold listings or are looking up comps, you can click the button on both of them that will then create a pre-filled out form to list your item. It sort of speeds up the process of listing. If you do find one that sold, it is probably better to use that rather than an active one because you know the sold one’s title really captured the buyer. 


The title is important because that’s what the buyers are searching for in the search bar. You have to have the right word that they’re searching for to pull up your listing. If the item sold, chances are that the title had a word the buyer was searching for. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to sell one similar to one that sold. That being said, I never do the exact same title. I’ll keep it similar but will change up the words and make it unique to my item. I don’t want it to look the exact same as the original seller’s listing.

Make Your Listing Unique

The “sell one like this” button doesn’t pull over the description, so you will have to write your own description. It gives you the title as the first sentence and then you can work on it from there. Make sure you add buzzwords and put any unique features in your description.

Another important piece is to use your own photos. You do not want to set the buyer up for false expectations by using someone else’s pictures. We’ve seen people take other people’s pictures and put them in their listings. We don’t recommend using stock photos either because that could imply the item is in better condition than it actually is in. 


eBay doesn’t pull over someone’s picture when you say “sell one like this” so you’d have to physically copy and paste a photo, and people do that. We do not recommend it though. Your item could have scratches, scrapes, or scuffs that aren’t shown in someone else’s picture.

Change Shipping Information

One thing you have to make sure of is that your shipping information is accurate. When you click “sell one like this,” it will pull over the original seller’s shipping guidelines and measurements. If the box is 12x12x24 inches, then it will use that information on your listing. You can go in and change it though. 

Should You Use "Sell One Like This" On eBay?

When I’m using the “sell one like this” button, I always change the shipping information because typically we don’t do calculated shipping. We don’t tell the size of the box or weight because I either do flat rate shipping or I do free shipping. If you use calculated shipping, just make sure the dimensions and weight are accurate to your item when it’s packaged. Sometimes people forget to calculate the packaging materials in there too and that can throw your shipping price off, so make sure those numbers are based on the item when it’s packaged to be shipped.

Best Practices For “Sell One Like This”

Don’t copy word for word. You can use the “sell one like this” to fill out basic information and give you a starting point. Always double check the specs. Make sure the model number is right because you could be selling something slightly different. 

An item might have a UPC and if you don’t know what it is, delete it from your listing and put N/A. Make sure you are going through and filling all the spots out accurately. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your listing being accurate. If the buyer receives something and your listing was wrong because you didn’t double check it, you’ll be responsible for fixing the situation.

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