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UserInterviews connects companies looking for product research information with consumers willing to share their opinions for pay.

Expected pay: Varied, but above minimum wage


Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)


Requirements: Vary by study

UserInterviews review

UserInterviews connects companies looking for product research information and feedback with consumers willing to share their expertise and opinions for pay.

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How it works

Participants sign up with some basic information about themselves and what they do. This includes your age, income level, job title and expertise. You can also link your UserInterviews account with LinkedIn and Facebook.

After that, there are two ways you can get work with UserInterviews. You can apply to open jobs. Or you can wait to be contacted about jobs that fit your profile.

When we recently tested the site, open jobs include:

  • a 45-minute interview about food choices, which pays $75;
  • An hour-long interview about health care products for $50;
  • And a 45-minute interview with a small business owner about how the owner makes telecommunication choices. That study offeres a $90 incentive.
  • There were also numerous unspecific requests for feedback on products, with incentives ranging from $20 to $50 per hour.

Applying for studies

The idea behind UserInterviews is a simple one. Companies with new products and ideas can save a lot of money by testing consumer demand for these products before going to market. But getting the right consumers — people potentially interested in your niche product — is important.

Thus, even though the site has basic information about you from your profile, each study asks a number of additional qualification questions. Your answers go back to the study researchers, who approve or reject your study application.

What you need

The bulk of research here is done via 1-on-1 video interviews. So, to participate, you’ll need a computer with a webcam and internal microphone. However, some studies also involve focus groups and in-person meetings. In all cases, however, you’ll know how long the interview or meeting will take, where it will occur, and how much you will get, before you start.


The company setting up the interview determines the amount and form of payment. However, the pay generally exceeds minimum wage by a large margin. And often the pay per hour is very generous — $50 to $100 per hour.

Some tests are paid via PayPal or direct deposit. However, the bulk are paid through gift cards. UserInterviews uses a company called Tango to provide the rewards. This company offers payment with Amazon, Apple and Target gift cards, among hundreds of others.

Payments are made within 10 business days of completing an interview.

One caution

Recent reviews of the site on SiteJabber complain that the screening questions are extensive and may not lead to getting the paid interviews. While this is happens with all consumer research companies, the number of recent complaints about this may indicate that there’s an emerging issue.


UserInterviews operates much like Respondent and Maven, where consumers are paid generously to share their expertise and opinions. We see no downside to signing up for all three. You can sign up for UserInterviews here.

The caveat is what we mentioned above. If you find you’re spending too much time on screening and not enough on paid interviews here, move on to the other platforms. We also like that the other platforms will pay you in cash, not just gift cards.

What their users say (from SiteJabber)

You are rarely selected for an interview as they have already collected everything they need from you during the “screening” process. That “screening” is often more detailed than your average survey, providing them with all the information they were looking to gain from the survey. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of these offers never have a single interview or payout. (5/2023)

I’ve been trying to get paid since June 11 for a pharmacy interview for $200 that required them coming to my home to do the interview. I’ve reached out probably about 10 times now and they just tell me “oh you didn’t get paid, wait for the study to end.” I contacted the person who interviewed and he told me the study has been over for awhile so I reached out again and they said “ok I will check with (insert random name here) and get back to you. They never get back to you so you have to keep reaching out. Terrible site don’t waste your time and don’t expect money. (8/2023)

Waste of time

They will waste your time with so called “screeners” where they will ask you so many time consuming questions and are basically getting free information from you. They have no intention whatsoever to pay you for market research. They’ve been doing this for years. Sign up with better ethical market research companies that are providing genuine market research opportunities, as even if you do a million screeners with User interviews you will never get picked for research. You’ve been warned. (7/2023)

The user applications are more of a survey then an application. Should change their name to USER SURVEYS DISGUISED AS APPLICATIONS. Often times it takes longer to fill out an application, then the then the interview you’re applying for. Waste of time! (7/2023)

All screening, no surveys

I’ve completed many pre screenings and have yet to be selected and I’ve been very qualified for them too. I only reply to ones I qualify for. I feel like they use your detailed screening questions as part of the research so they don’t have to pay you. (6/2023)

It use to be good until it wasn’t, you never get picked anymore they just ask you question after question for screening. They haven’t picked me or anyone else I know in 1yr. It got terrible to the point it’s not worth signing up anymore. (6/2023)

It’s legit

On May 31st I had my first case study. It was really a cool experience. I wasn’t on the app long and received a response rather quickly. After doing the case study I began to get a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be paid. I was reading the guidelines about what to expect. How long it will take to be paid and why you probably wouldn’t be paid. Today, June 2nd I have gotten my incentive and I am really happy! This company is legit. I recommend to apply to many studies and patiently wait & see. Don’t give up and good luck!!! (6/2023)

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