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Ok, so very quickly I’m going to explain how to start article writing in WordPress that will boost your blog’s in ranking Google search results.


I’ll discuss the main tips that are the most important and trendy rank booster tips in 2020.


7 most important points to write an effective rank booster Article in 2020:

  1. Think about a trendy topic or a topic you are an expert in. For example, a topic like I have How to write a rank booster Article for the blog in 2020
  2. Open your WordPress post and create a New Post
  3. Now open another tab in your browser and access the Google page for finding anything you may want to check or analyze during your article writing session.
  4. You need to write a summary of your article. So just write the main points of your paragraph headlines that you are going to be writing on.
  5. Make sure you have at least 6 headings for the topic categories, sub-categories, and paragraphs.
  6. Open a notepad page or any other page to write your points. You may use paper as well to write down the points.
  7. Think about the main keyword of your topic.



So if I type this into the search engine and enter, I’ll be able to see the most relevant Google adsTop-ranked blogs, and websites, and footprints link “Searches related to rank booster article” at the bottom of the page.

The first top-ranked article link is

How to Make Every Blog Article You Write Rank High

and the 2nd top-ranked blog link is


The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings

The amazing thing is that both position 1 and position 2 on the 1st page of Google belong to a single blog and the man behind this blog is none other than Neil Patel who is a high-ranked digital marketer. He is  New York Times’ best writer. The Wall Street Journal considers high influencers on the internet, Forbes calls him one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur says he established one of the 100 great companies.

Anyways, so far we got top-ranked titles of Neil Patel’s blog, and if you noticed the main keyword are


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The most useful article writing tips to impact search engine ranking

Step-by-Step Article Writing Tips in 2020 (Customize Editing)

  1. Write down the main titles you found on Google search for the top-ranked blogs.
  2. Find similar words “synonyms” for the words that are used in the titles.
  3. Now create titles for your 6 headings to write the content on.
  4. Write as brief as possible considering your audience’s level of information.
  5. Don’t use too much technology jargon because a vast majority of your audience may not be familiar with those tech words.
  6. Use your main keyword in the first paragraph starting. use the same keyword at least 6 six spots or over in your article’s paragraph.
  7. Put your first heading using <h1> </h1> code and then add your remaining 5 headings till you add the last tag <h6></h6>
  8. ok now complete your piece of writing and add the maximum information you can so the user gets a value for the time spent in reading your content.
  9. Add a “Conclusion” heading with a big font in the last paragraph so the reader can understand that the article is completed here.
  10. Now go to your browser and open the “find” tool.
  11. Type your first keyword to see how many times did you use the keyword in your article including headings and paragraphs. 
  12. it should be at least 6 times as I suggested above. Highlight the first keyword and make it boldfind the second keyword and make it italic, 3rd make underlined, and 4th keyword should be within quotation marks ” “. 5th should be an anchor link going out to a top-ranked website that is ranked between the top 3 positions of Google’s search results.
  13. This will be your “External Link” or outbound link pointing to a high-ranked website.
  14. 6th keyword can be used with an anchor link to a page inside your own blog or website but it should be relevant to the content you are writing. it will be your “internal page link“.
  15. ok, so far we have used 6 headings and 6 single-keyword optimizations.
  16. Now remember to add an infographic to give the reader more understanding and sense of your content.
  17. Always add a Featured Image to your post adding “title” and “Alt” attributes.
  18. in the end, Add one video with the title using your “main keyword” in that title. you can get a source code (iframe code) from youtube very easily and that means you are getting a very high level of backlink toward your blog or website.

SEO strategy 2020


Phewwww! it was tough? Yes definitely but this is what you have to do to beat your rivals in the competition of SEO. Now you know

Getting top rank in Google is not a piece of cake and this teaches us to give respect to those who worked hard to get the top-ranked position for their blog and websites.

It’s a fight between minds and ideas. You have to guess and replace their ideas with yours but it should be under the legal terms of google algorithm 2020


Ok, Your job is not yet done, just a few more things to be done. So don’t waste time and let’s finish the job.

Customize links for highly engaging article Step by Step Article Writing Tips in 2020

  1. Now come to the post seo optimizing.
  2. See your post title. Check and make sure it doesn’t exceed 57 characters for the best visibility on Google search results.
  3. Add a power word to your title. Like “The best, Popular, Impressive, Attractive, highest, awesome, etc are the power words that evoke readers’ emotional responses to click on your title.
  4. Make sure you have added your main keyword at the beginning of your title.
  5. Write a Meta Description of 160 characters or less to get visibility on the search engine results page (SERP).
  6. And last but not least thing is that make sure your main keyword is added in your post wordpress permalinks.

Now you are all set but go to read your piece of content for proofreading in order to correct grammatical mistakes or broken links if any. Once you are satisfied, move to click on the “Publish” Article button.

Let me know the results if you applied the tips to write a highly engaging Article Blog in 2020. Write your comments below. Thanks in advance.

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