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This guide is focused on 3 topics that seem different from each other but actually are exactly relevant.

  1. Killer Mistake New Freelancers Do and get failed. How to Avoid?
  2. Is Social Media brand building platform for an online business?
  3. How to Make Money “Fast” from Home instead of “Passive Income”?

Do you know why a large number of freelancers failed to make money online? There are very basic and simple reasons if I ask you, the questions are:

killer mistake



Question 1: Why did you start freelancing? OR Why do you want to start freelancing?

Answer: just surfing and finding any chance to make money.

Result: Failure Chances 100%: That means no serious intentions so 100% chances of failure.



Question 2: Do you want to start with a blog or website? OR just want to use available online markets or resources?

Answer: Actually, I want to use an online marketplace or resources. Don’t want to run a personal blog or website.

Result: Failure Chances 50%: No investment, relying on available online marketplaces that are already crowded with cheap service prices.

So the failure chances are most likely to be 50% in the case of professional skill but the long time required to get hired and make money.


Question 3: Do you want to make money online like a boss? Your own Business, Your on products and marketing plan, 100% income in your account without any commission to third party. Fast Earning instead of passive income.

Answer: Yes I want to make money fast like a business owner with my own terms and schedule and marketing plan. Also, want to get full earnings without any cut or commission.

Result: Failure Chances 20% – Success Chances 80%


Guess what!

this is what everybody thinks and wished whenever He/She joins an online freelancing career but you know millions of people failed every year and then think that this is just a waste of time.

Let me know, if you get into the wrong bus that doesn’t go to your destination, who is guilty? The Bus driver or You?

Definitely, you, because you have to ask and confirm whether or not the bus will take you to the right way to the destination you want to go.

Similarly, millions of users join the internet to get something but they don’t correctly choose the right person to know which way to go to get the right path.

Unfortunately, they first try to start from social media and that is the wrong place to start freelancing.

Don’t start freelancing from social media ever!

don't start freelancing from social media


Remember and keep in your mind that Social Media is not to make money but a medium to market yourself, your business, and your services with more users, friends, and communities, who are the “prospects” to become a buyer or your referral.

Another example: Can you sell clothes in a vegetable market?

Your answer is definitely “No”. Simple is that you have to sell your service or products to the relevant forum.

Also, remember you may sell something that is in high demand or an extraordinary product on social media but that means you are making money temporarily and limited.



You can’t build your business brand on social media.

In fact,  you can use social media to build a business brand but it should be a place on the internet outside the social media.

Like, if you see top marketplaces for jobs, UpworkFiverr, FreelancerGuru, etc they all have their marketplaces so why don’t they just run a social media business page instead of a huge marketplace?

Exactly, they do marketing and show their presence using social media but the main business is on their own place at the internet.

Similarly, AmazoneBay, and other eCommerce marketplaces are known for their brand name, not for social media.

So you can understand if you start your freelancing career or online business considering social media as your starting point, you’ll definitely run to be failed.

Always use social media as secondary layer of your business promotion.

Over time I’ve been analyzing the social media groups and business pages and found that there is a big number of disappointed and dishearted failed freelancers who started from the flipped side of success.

So, That’s all for those people? or they have a second chance to correct their vision and jump on their toes, warm up to win the race covering the whole track having competitors at right n left.

Yes of course! The sky is the limit. Just charge your mind and see what is the right way to start a successful freelancing career under the guidelines of those who not just seemed to be successful but they pose something to show.

Ok so get ready to start!

how to make money fast

If you didn’t yet read my freelancing Guides level 1, level 2, and level 3, you may miss the basics of freelancing that cover how to start freelancing from zero background so I’ll advise you to check that out from the link below:

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Ok, let’s move ahead to this main topic why do you take advantage of this article to re-unit your ideas, skills, and determination to make money online?

You know the date is December 10, 2019 today! December is pretty much buying month.

People try to save money in order to spend on buying different items and accessories for their living styles as well as to celebrate Christmas and new year.

Also, they want to have new stuff for the new year so this is the most exciting and money-making month but only if you know the way to make money.

So let me guide you on the way that can make money fast by selling online products for these events.

You have two options:

Option 1 to make money online (slow income):

Join the top marketplaces as an affiliate, and put their referral links in your blog or websites if you already have otherwise just go to social media and send messages for those online companies or marketplaces that you don’t know much about but you have to.

The problem is, everybody knows you are an affiliate so why do they click on your link instead of directly visit to the marketplace and starting purchasing? You are lost under the name of the brand you are selling from someone else stock.

The rules are simple if you want to go to provide service as a freelancer, You must follow the rules you don’t know.

So read someone else rules,

follow someone else rules,

learn what they want you to learn.

Find jobs, make your place in the crowd,

make changes up and down in pricing,

get hired then work for the client,

do what the client asks you to do,

submit work and wait for the payment

then get paid with a 10% to 20% cut of commission and wait to be eligible to withdraw money and so on.



Honestly, do you consider it making fast money online?

No way… it requires days, weeks, and maybe months, or maybe a year.

Don’t believe me, just go to any marketplace and just search the freelancers using your first name.

Interesting? Yes find your namesake freelancers and check when they joined and how much they have earned.

Start from the top and go to the bottom. Then count these on your fingertips.

See how many freelancers are there who make money online with freelance services.

then tell me the results.


Option 2 to make money online (Fast Income):

Scrub your mind to run behind the top marketplaces who already successful and don’t care whether or not someone is needy, skilled, experienced, or just a failed user.

If you want to become an affiliate to those right at the start of your career, you’ll waste your time and divert your track to be failed.

Just start with your own business that gives you confidence from day 1.

The hopes to make money with your own products and business make you bold in taking the decision to go and do out-of-the-box things.

Feeling to be an owner of a business is much higher than to be a service provider or an affiliate.


So here are the Tips:

Become an online business store owner and earn like a boss.

Your online store is open 24/7 and it is making money even if you are not on the laptop.

You are on holiday with family, you are traveling, you playing golf, or at a picnic with friends, even you are sleeping. Online Business is always awaking and you just check the money coming into your account.

Sound good? So how can you enjoy the above-stated life? See the points of action below:

Tips and Points of Action:

  1. Create an ECommerce Website where you can sell any product according to the market sales trend.
  2. Buy a Webhosting account to keep your website files secure and live your website 24/7
  3. Create a marketing strategy either free promotions or paid marketing campaign
  4. Keep a stock of the item you are selling if it is a physical product.
  5. Put a download and buying link if it is a digital product / downloadable product.

Wait, just for the reading the above points seem easy and workable but there are a few things to be considered.

Point 1: Create an ECommerce Website:

Are you a Web designer or Developer? Additionally,  do you know e-commerce?

if yes then you are welcome to skip the phase. But if you are not a web designer or developer, then the first thing is, go to hire someone to create an e-commerce website for you but there is one more thing required.


Point 2: Do you have Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a remote online server where you keep your website files and database with all information safe and secure as well as keep the website live 24/7 and 365 days a year. So Web Hosting is needed. if you have then it’s great otherwise you can buy a hosting account.


Point 3: Do you know how to make a marketing strategy to get traffic from the internet?

Without the website traffic, the e-commerce store is nothing. Because you have to sell products so the users must convert into buyers. If you don’t know you have to hire someone to create strategy and planning.


Point 4: Do you have any place like a warehouse to stock your physical products if you sell physical products? if you don’t you have to buy or get one for rent.


Now you think this is very difficult to meet these requirements if you are a newbie.

Yes, you’re right these things need money and time as well as skill to hire the most appropriate freelancer website designer, a reliable web hosting account, and a professional for marketing strategy and planning.

So how would you resolve these issues? What is the fastest way to bypass all these requirements and start an online business from day 1?

Fortunately, there is a Plan B that gives you 100% satisfactory results without being frustrated by the above requirements.

So here is the

dropship stores marketplace

Bypass all the hassles and difficulties. I have the solution to your questions. See below:

Suggested Solution:

1. visit our eCommerce dropshipping stores marketplace for buying ready-made online stores right now


2. visit


3. buy the 12 most popular and trendy products online stores with complete setup and full support


All you need to do is just add your Paypal, Credit Card, or bank details in order to receive payment from your customer.


  • Just pay a one-time fee to buy a fully functional online eCommerce Store from the available top-trend product category items without having any warehouse and stock. You’ll be selling 100s of products directly from the suppliers and they will take care of the stock and warehouse expense etc.


  • Web Hosting is included in the eCommerce website buying package so you don’t need to worry about finding reliable web hosting, paying, and configuring hosting setup. Everything will come to you with a complete setup.


  • Marketing strategy and planning will be provided for you to just start and then look after. Everything will come to you with success tips and results.

december 2020

Sound great? ok so just visit and buy an online store of your choice. if you think the product is available not of your choice, you can order us for your favorite product and you’ll get a store with your products.

Web Hosting is Free for you and maintenance + backup is our responsibility. You don’t need to be worried.

24/7 technical support and contact will be provided. Our experts are online via Skype, Live Chat on the website and email to reply to your questions.

You can contact us any time and send your queries.


December is Money Making Month

Remember as I said at the beginning of this Guide, December is Money Making Month for New Year and Christmas Season so don’t waste time and take a serious decision right now.

Whether you are going to create everything yourself, (You’re welcome to do so) or you want to make fast money using readymade e-commerce stores with web hosting and marketing plus help and support. (You’re Most Welcome )

Just contact us without wasting time and I’m sure you’ll make money 10 times faster and more reliably than one who goes to does everything by himself.

We are open to reply at any time. Let’s do business together!

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