5 Best Ways To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing


 5. TikTok Affiliate Marketing

Who are TikTok users? Most of the TikTok platform users are between the age of 16-34, and the platform continues to grow every day.

Creating a theme page on TikTok to promote your affiliate links is another effective and profitable way to build free traffic for affiliate marketing. This is another lucrative option that you can use without showing your face or creating a brand about you. You also don’t need a website at all to drive traffic from TikTok to your affiliate links.



What Is TikTok Affiliate Marketing?

Similar to Instagram, you can create a theme page about your specific niche and add a ‘link in bio’ that will refer the traffic to the same linktr.ee webpage that we talked about earlier.

On this webpage, you will have all your affiliate links that are relevant to the same niche (and you can add as many links as you want).

To drive traffic to your links, all you need to do is create short videos for TikTok and upload them to your TikTok account.



How to Start With TikTok Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create a new TikTok account for your niche.
  2. Create videos for TikTok. You can use the TikTok video templates that Canva offers to do that and add your text using the TikTok editor.
  3. Upload new videos consistently to TikTok (about 1-2 a day), and you can also batch the content creation and make a full week of content in one day.


How Easy It Is to Drive TikTok Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Score: 8/10

Very easy to start and keep going.

You don’t need any video editing skills for this, nor to shoot any videos yourself. You can easily use Canva videos for your TikTok videos and add relevant text to them.


It is better to batch a few days of content in advance to save time and be consistent.

What you need to know before you start – TikTok doesn’t allow you to add a ‘link in bio’ before you have 1000 followers. So you will have to create content regularly, grow your audience and be patient until you get to the 1000 followers mark.


How Passive It Is to Drive TikTok Traffic

Score: 6/10

You will need to put the effort upfront to create all the content for the week.

However, every single video can take up to 10 minutes once you are used to the process.

Another thing to think about is that similar to YouTube, one of your videos can potentially go viral. When it happens, you can get thousands of people coming to your page and clicking your links when you don’t have to put in the work for every view. You only invest 10 minutes to create the video, and the TikTok algorithm will push it to the right audience.

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