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Are you a queer person trying to start a career or improve your current one?

While the world is full of barriers for people like us, there are some great LGBTQ career resources out there that promote equity to help you reach your goals.


Whether you’re facing legal issues and discrimination or just trying to come out to your boss, know that you’re not alone. These organizations and resources have been designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people – and they’re sensitive to the unique challenges queer folks face.

Helpful Career Resources For LGBT Folks

If you’re not in need of resources or reading this as an ally, consider donating to some of the non profit organizations on this list to help further LGBTQ advocacy in the workplace. 

Human Rights Campaign

The Human Rights Campaign is committed to breaking down barriers so everyone can reach equality. Each year they release a list of the best LGBTQ friendly employers, but equally as important, they also have scorecards for many big companies so you can educate yourself before applying.


On top of this, they also have a plethora of resources for queer folks in the workplace including legal information, guides to navigate difficult situations, and resources to share with employers.

Pride at Work

Pride at Work is a group that advocates for the rights of LGBTQ people in the workplace by mediating the goals of queer folks with unions. Their website provides a list of allied unions, as well as local chapters that can help you find support in your area.

Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal provides legal resources to help you navigate difficult situations that come up in the workplace. You can also learn about your rights as an LGBTQ+ person at work on a state-by-state basis.

Finally, and most importantly, they offer legal assistance for those who face workplace discrimination, including access to a crisis line.

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

If you’re an LGBT business owner, queer-focused chambers of commerce like NGLCC can help you network and grow. This is the national website, but they have local affiliate chapters listed too. 

You can also consult their list of corporate partners as a resource for LGBTQ friendly places to work. 

The US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission

If you’re living in the United States, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission offers a variety of resources to help you navigate discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

There’s information about what laws apply to your workplace. Plus what to do if you’ve been discriminated against. 

Find a Mentor

Worthy Mentoring is an organization that connects LGBTQ folks with mentors who can help them navigate life as a queer person. It’s a digital service for those who don’t have, or feel comfortable with, local support. 

While you can discuss a variety of topics with your mentor, guidance with navigating the workplace is one of the more popular ways mentors can help.

Out for Undergrad Conferences for LGBTQ+

Out for Undergrad Conferences  are for queer students pursuing undergraduate degrees in business, engineering, marketing, and tech.

You have to apply and be accepted to attend. If you get in, the event is a great opportunity to break into these industries and network with established companies. 

LGBT Resume Tips

There’s a lot to consider when writing a resume as an LGBTQ person, including whether or not to out yourself to your prospective employer. If you’re trans, there’s even more to consider. has a helpful resource that covers some of those common questions queer folks have while resume writing. 

If you’re looking to get a remote job, use our resume template to help you pivot to remote work 

How to Come Out at Work

If you’re currently closeted at work it can be tricky to navigate the process of coming out. The Muse has a great article that helps make that decision. There’s also a bunch of great ideas to make the process of coming out easier.

Read or bookmark The Muse’s resource on how to come out at work.

Transgender Specific Support and Resources

Trans folks face unique challenges in the workplace. GLAAD has compiled a robust list of trans-specific resources including several advocacy groups. If you’re a transgender individual facing discrimination in the workplace, or want to enact change, this is a great place to start.

Go [Back to] School With Scholarships

If you’re underemployed or in the career planning stages, going to college can help you find a great career. Cost is a huge factor, especially for LGBTQ+ folks who often already face financial barriers.

Thankfully there are resources, including LGBTQ specific scholarships, that can help with the burden.

Bookmark this resource from Best Colleges for LGBTQ scholarschips. 

The Reckoning Trade Project

“Rainbow-collared” [blue collar] jobs still uphold disproportionate barriers for queer folks compared to other careers. This is mostly due to the nature of the work environment and stereotypes these jobs carry.

Nevertheless, these jobs are often a great option for LGBTQ careers. To help improve the workplace for all traditionally excluded workers, the Reckoning Trade Project advocates, provides resources, and even facilitates training for employers.

LGBTQ Specific Professional Associations

There are several associations for professionals and students that are created specifically for LGBTQ+ folks. While the resources vary by industry, most provide resources, training, advocacy, and professional guidance to help your career. 

Bookmark HRC’s list of LGBTQ Professional and Student Associations/

LGBTQ Specific Job Boards

While you won’t find the range of jobs that you get on traditional job boards, these job search resources are made specifically to invite LGBTQ+ applicants:

  • Out in Tech: Use their job board, referral service, & career resources.
  • LGBTQ+ Remotely: To help LGBTQ+ folks find remote jobs.
  • Campus Pride: Helps students find jobs with LGBTQ+ friendly companies.
  • LGBT Funders Job Board: A job board of positions hiring from the philanthropic sector.
  • LGBT Connect: Connects employers with LGBTQ+ candidates. 
  • Pink Jobs: LGBTQ+ friendly job board servicing North America (including Canada), Europe (including the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) and Australia.

You can also browse our list of LGBTQ+ friendly companies that are currently hiring for on-site, hybrid, and remote jobs.

While you’re here, grab your free list of 100+ remote-first companies to apply for remote jobs at and pivot to remote work:

Find Work at LGBT Centers

LGBT centers can be a great resource on their own, but if you’re looking to start or pivot to a career helping the queer community they’re also a great place to work. There are a variety of roles available that will have a positive impact. 

Bonus: How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive

Pride at Work Canada put together a resource for employers and managers on how to make your workplace more inclusive. Even though it was written for employers in Canada, it can be applied to any workplace.

It’s not just general information, but robust tips to truly make your LGBTQ+ employees experience equity and equality in the workplace. 

Other Places to Find LGBTQ Career Resources

There are more resources available now more than ever for both LGBTQ+ employees and their employers on how to make the workplace a more inclusive and welcoming place, for all their workers.

In addition to the various resources given in this article, you can also find LGTBQ+ career resources in other ways:

  • Contact your current or former school; many have lists of resources and can connect you
  • Reach out to your workplace HR department
  • Make connections with other queer people at work or in your community
  • Join your local Pride organization
  • If you work for a large company and aren’t having success with your manager or HR, consider reaching out to corporate
  • Use social media platforms like Linkedin to connect with other queer folks to help your professional networking

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