Ways you can Make Money and Get Paid to Post Ads


Who doesn’t want to get paid more? Let’s explore how you can get paid to post ads! We look at the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing, showing ads from various ad networks, and many more ways to get paid to post ads.

Building your side hustle and earning money is a great way to boost your income. It helps you tackle debt or build up that emergency fund you want. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to start your own side hustle. All you need is a computer and access to the internet.


Interested in other ways to make money?

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Using an Ad Network to Post Ads

The ads you post on places like a website must come from somewhere. This is the purpose of an Ad Network. They collect an inventory of ads from different sources, such as companies that want to place their products in ads. When you request that an ad be displayed, the Ad Network looks at all its ads and gives you its best match.


Ad Networks are between the supply and demand of the ads, so to speak. Their goal is to please both sides. The ad publisher wants the lowest possible price to place his ads. You want as many engagements with your ads to earn as much money as possible. So when you show ads from a network, it is the network’s job to pick the ad with the highest likelihood of resulting in an engagement.

Not all Ad Networks will generate the same amount of money. There are some differences and nuances that you need to keep in mind.

How do Ad Networks Pay?

There are two main ways you get paid to post ads:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): You will earn money every time a user directly clicks on an ad
  • Pay Per View/Impression (PPV): You earn money whenever a user sees an ad

If you have a steady stream of visitors on your page, PPV will get you a consistent passive income. If a page displays multiple ads, each ad will be an individual impression. Depending on the Ad Network, PPV models can earn you between $1 and $15 per thousand impressions.

Clicks on ads are more rare. You most likely aren’t clicking on every ad you see online, right? Only if you see something that really stands out or sparks your interest. Ad Networks obviously value a click much higher than an impression.

What Ad Networks are there?

Here is a list of Ad Networks for bloggers and small publishers:

  1. Monumetric
  2. Ezoic
  3. Infolinks
  4. PropellerAds
  5. Google AdSense
  6. Media.net
  7. Mediavine
  8. Raptive (formerly AdThrive)
  9. Revcontent
  10. Sovrn

This list was borrowed from “11 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2023” – an excellent article about Ad Networks that deserves credit. You will find a detailed analysis of all these Ad Networks with pros and cons for each of them. Keep in mind that each of them has different requirements, like minimum traffic requirements. Many different factors determine if you are accepted into an Ad Network. If an application doesn’t work out, you can always reapply later.

The revenue you generate with one network can vastly differ from another. It depends on your audience and the type of ads your network can display. Google AdSense Ads has more ad publishers in their network and can possibly show more relevant ads than a smaller one. You can experiment over time to see what works best for your blog.

Get Paid to Post Ads on your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get paid to post ads. Your blog offers many different opportunities to make money by posting ads. If you already have a blog, you have everything you need to get paid to post ads. If your blog has a steady amount of traffic, you can earn consistent money every month. Simply apply to any Ad Network from above and display their ads on your pages. Some ad networks can automatically place ads and figure out the best placements. Others require you to manually insert them on your blog.

But don’t go too crazy with the amount of ads you display! Nobody wants to scroll over one ad after the other. Users will have problems reading your posts, and you’ll likely lose more of them than you get money from the ads. Choose a healthy balance based on the length of your content. Displaying too many ads can also slow down the loading time of your website. That is never a good thing to deal with, as it means losing customers.

Setting up a blog is a lot of work and requires patience. You have to create valuable blog posts and build up an audience. You also have to know how SEO (search engine optimization) works. How you set up a blog and select the right topic to write about is outside of the scope of this blog post.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to drive more traffic to your site. With a social media presence, you can reach more potential customers and send them to your own blog.

What is a sponsored post, you might ask? Well, a sponsored post is when someone pays you to put a post or advertisement on your blog. You can make some extra cash with sponsored posts and create content for your blog simultaneously. Finding the right brand to work with and then getting them to work with you takes time. If your blog is brand new and you are just starting, you’ll probably fight an uphill battle.

Sponsored posts can be product reviews or articles about a company with specific links included. You are typically the one writing the content. The blog post will, therefore, have your flavor and be helpful to your audience. Sponsored posts are a much more targeted form of advertisement. Many companies are using sponsored posts to promote their products and increase brand awareness. It’s a very effective way for them to reach a specific target audience.

Before you choose a brand to work with, check if the brand aligns with your values and your reader’s values. You don’t want to upset your audience by promoting something they are not interested in.

Using Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing is another way to get paid to post ads. Think about it like this: You write about a topic on your blog and sprinkle in affiliate links to products. When visitors buy through that link, you will earn a small commission. This is one of the most effective ways to make money. You are not blindly showing an ad. Instead, you can write about it and tell your readers why this product is the real deal. This is a much more targeted advertisement that gives your audience real value. The most commonly known affiliate program is Amazon Associate.

Some affiliate services even pay you for clicks on the affiliate links. If your reader does not buy, you will still make some money.

You can also use Referral Links to products and services. You get paid when users sign up through your referral links and fulfill all requirements. Some services pay in cash, others hand out gift cards.

The Work Master has a very detailed article about affiliate marketing that you absolutely should check out. It is filled with valuable knowledge about the topic and answers your most common questions.

Another great source for making extra money online can be found at the Online Blog & Business Help.

Use Newsletters to make Readers return

You already put in the time to write your blog posts. It only makes sense to allow readers to sign up to your blog for updates. The most successful blogs place a Newsletter signup in prominent positions to simplify that process. With a free subscription feature, you capture an audience you know is interested in your writing. They are the best target audience and the easiest way to monetize with your online advertising.

You can use services like Mailchimp to craft high-quality, engaging newsletters with product advertisements, new posts, and services. Your goal is to make them want to open your email and check out your update. Develop a consistent messaging and stay on your brand template.

Get Paid to Post Ads on your YouTube Channel

You can also use your YouTube channel to generate extra money. Apply for an Ad Network supporting YouTube to display ads today. Your earnings opportunity is great on YouTube since Video ads are growing in popularity fast. It’s easy to see why. Your users often view videos on fullscreen and have their audio switched on. The ads you show can use that and make users interact much easier. The younger generations consume more and more video content. Video advertisement is absolutely here to stay for many years to come.

You can also combine Affiliate Marketing with YouTube. This is yet another great opportunity to make money. You create videos about a particular product to advertise to your target audience. You can show them in your YouTube videos why a company’s product is worth buying. Many social media influencers make good money with this form of advertisement. You can then cross-post your video on social media accounts and reach even more potential customers.

Get Paid to Post Ads as a Virtual Assistant

You can get paid to post ads as a Virtual Assistant (VA). This might be for you if you have the skills to create ads that capture attention and generate clicks.

Fiverr and UpWork are the perfect platforms to get started as a VA. You create an account and set up your profile. If you have done some projects in the past already, put them into your portfolio. The more you can show, the better. Having a strong profile is key to making money as a VA.

Companies seek VAs to promote their content on platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and more. There is a lot of competition, but you can create some extra money on the side with a bit of work.

You can search for specific gigs, that interest you. Once you find something you like, you can message the seller. Include your portfolio and show them why you are a great fit for the work. You can also offer your own service, like banner ad creation, for a fixed dollar amount. Clients can then contact you to get a specific job done.

The best thing is that you can work on your own schedule. You can adjust your work times to your needs and lifestyle.

For some of you, this might sound completely wild. You can get paid to promote products while playing your favorite games online. As some of you know, I’ve been a game developer for 10 years. I can tell you firsthand that the streaming business is HUGE. And not just in the United States but around the world. Once your stream has a good amount of viewers, you can contact companies that offer computer equipment and ask for a collaboration. You can test products and advertise them to your viewers to earn income.

Getting enough followers requires a significant time investment. You’ll have to play a lot and be consistent. This form to get paid to post ads might not be the first choice, but it is a legitimate way to generate passive income. And it can be a lot of fun too!

Streaming does not need to be limited to Twitch. You can cross-stream to YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

If you have a podcast or are considering creating one, it can also be used to get paid to post ads. You can share your knowledge about an area of interest and include advertisements.

Do some planning beforehand to find the right topic to talk about. Create a list of topics you feel good about for some episodes. The best part is that you can contact potential sponsors before recording anything. Show them your plan and try to land some sponsors. This will help you get things started.

Once you have recorded some episodes, you can publish them on platforms like Google Podcasts. Depending on your advertising campaign, building up a subscriber list might take some time.

Get Paid to Post Ads on Facebook

Facebook has a large amount of users on its platform. It’s no secret that Facebook offers many ways to monetize your audience. With a Facebook Page, you can promote products through affiliate links, affiliate videos, and many more ways. You can cross-post your blog pages and engage with your audience more personally.

As with everything, building up an audience is the most time-consuming part. You need to be patient and consistent. Don’t just blindly post one affiliate link after another. Users will follow you if they see a value in doing so. Engage with your audience and build up a trusting relationship.

With social media accounts like Facebook, you can create synergies for other channels like blogs, YouTube, Twitch, etc. It can all go hand in hand.

How much can you make Posting Ads?

With blogging and ads on your blog, you can make thousands of dollars per month. It’s one of the best ways to make money. The amount of money you make depends on how many page views you get each month. Not all blog niches are equal. Some get more visitors than others. Some require more hands-on work than others. Research what you can expect before starting a blog, and choose your niche wisely. That is also the same for all the other ways you can get paid to post ads. There is really no hard limit on how much money you can earn. You can always do something to increase your reach. That will increase your income in the end.

All it takes is a leap of faith from you. Try out different things to determine what you like. The income is the result of much work you put into it.

Final Thoughts – Get Paid to Post Ads

Earning extra income by posting ads can be a very rewarding experience. Your way to get there might, however, be bumpy at times. Accept that whatever method you try will take some time. Give it a few months and see what you like.

In this blog post, you learned many ways to get paid to post ads. Our favorite way to make some extra money is blogging. But there are many other ways available to you. Some go hand in hand with blogging, like a social media presence to drive more traffic to your blog landing pages and blog posts. Others are standalone solutions, like a podcast or a Virtual Assistant.

Posting ads is a very lucrative way to earn a lot of money. But remember that it isn’t only about earning money. The most important point for you is to create valuable content. You can monetize your ad space on your blog more effectively if you provide good content. Consider taking an online course to learn more about how to start your blog, YouTube channel, etc.

If you are wondering what you can do with all the large sums of money you are earning 🙂 – I have an idea! Check out our article “FIRE Movement: Ways to Retire Early.” Retiring early is one way to use all that extra money you just unlocked!

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