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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform? Were you referred by a friend or family member or was it an advertisement you saw somewhere? 


Actually, my best friend and I were looking to work with another company—it was a virtual customer platform as well— and I was just trying to get involved. She learned about the Arise® Platform from another friend, and we both decided to do it together. 

So, she has her business and I have mine, and we decided to start the adventure here trying to build our businesses together, leaning on each other. 

She has an educational background and I have a customer service background, so we helped each other, hand in hand, to get started. 


How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your life? 

I always say that I am strong in faith, and I started using the Arise® Platform in 2019, not knowing what 2020 was going to bring, but it was a big game changer for me. 

But guess what?  


I had the Arise® Platform, and it was my main source of income. I was so lucky to see this in 2019. 

The Arise® Platform helped me financially because I was able to service for several hours a day and support my family and support others who needed work opportunities. I was able to keep working, and the Arise® Platform was there for me.  

I’ve learned a lot too! While attending a certification class, one of the instructors said I should show more empathy…. 

I was like, “I am displaying empathy!” 

But then I had to step back. I knew I was saying “sorry” a lot, but I realized, “What am I saying sorry about?” 

Everyone was feeling the same thing during COVID—and because of that, I learned how to display true empathy over the phone.  

You can show empathy in person through body language, facial expressions, and emotions, but over the phone you only hear someone’s voice. You can’t be robotic, and learning about true empathy was a gamechanger for me. 

Can you provide an example of when you really felt like you made a difference for a customer while servicing on the Arise® Platform?  

Yes, I can!  

I have a lot of these moments—so many—but one that stuck out to me happened when I was servicing for a cruise client. 

This woman and her sister always traveled on cruises together, but unfortunately, her sister passed away.  

It was a couple of weeks before the cruise and this woman decided she still wanted to go on the cruise; it was a plan for her and her sister, but she wanted to do it for her sister—to celebrate her sister’s life.  

On the way there, her flight was delayed, and then while driving to the port, there was an accident on the highway.  

She was about 30 minutes away from the port, and it was getting close to the time for the port to close, and so she called trying to get help. 

The true raw story with all her background was beautiful—how they traveled together, how she wanted to continue her and her sister’s journey, and how this cruise was a memorial to help her honor her sister and what they did together. 

I said to her, “I am going to try my best to get you on that ship. Just keep driving and keep me posted on where you are.”  

I called the ship and let them know about the passenger, and she got there with one minute to spare! 

I was on the phone with the ship telling them that she was in the parking lot, and they worked with her to get her on the cruise. 

She was in tears, and I was so grateful to hear her story to see her honor her sister.  

Those are the calls I love, the calls from people like her. 

Those are the stories you don’t always hear, and the phone call isn’t actually about the person—It’s about the story. 

I was so happy to help her honor her sister that way. The connection between her and her sister had been so strong. She loved and cherished her sister so much, and I just had to do something to help her out. 

After that call, I had to take a moment to collect myself [laughs]. 

I was bawling my eyes out of happiness and filled with joy that I was able to help her celebrate her sister’s life. 🥲 

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the Arise® Platform? 

The Arise® Platform can help you help others. And if you aren’t passionate about customer service or customers, using the Arise® Platform is not for you. 

It’s a way to help someone in need—even if people call just because they want to pay their bills or make an arrangement.  

It’s the stories behind those people that matter, and you have to be passionate about helping people to provide the best customer service. 

When I stop servicing each day, I am ending my day on a positive note because I have helped someone in a positive way—every day, on each and every call. 


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