Can You Be A Skeptic And Successful At The Same Time?


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Can you be skeptical and successful at the same time?

Some people don’t always believe we have the success that we do in our flipping business or that others get similar results in their reselling businesses. We run ads about Flipper U so we sometimes get comments when our ads or videos go viral and the comments aren’t always positive.

You have to have a thick shell if you put yourself out there on the internet. We have some amazing people in our audience, but there will always be some people who are more negative and those are the ones who tend to comment.


Skeptics Usually Have Something Deeper Happening

When someone is skeptical there is usually something deeper going on for that person. What really drives that? What causes that skepticism?

One of the comments we do receive sometimes is, “Oh, you pay people to leave those nice comments or to say that they’ve had success.”

We do not. We live with integrity and ethics and we go on with our lives; if they happen to comment that’s great. It’s great when people do leave positive comments because we think it’s cool to see others having success.


But the people who think we cheat the system are missing out. Maybe they don’t want to learn from us because they’ve been scammed in the past. That happens, but there is tons of free content out there from us to start with. Or if it’s someone else you’re considering learning from, check out their free content first.

Don’t Be A Skeptic, Do Your Research

If you are looking at investing in anything, don’t rush to the conclusion that this is not true or unreal. Go do some research. You can do research online now very easily. We’ve been doing this for eight years. Not only do we coach people how to get results, we still get results every single month on what we’re teaching other people how to do. Look for people who can prove they are getting results.

We have hundreds, if not thousands, of people that we’ve helped make an extra income from flipping. We understand the skepticism when you do see something like that, but there are other actions that you can take to find out if it’s legit or if it is not legit. Because you can see these people are getting the results that they’re telling everybody they’re getting.

When we look for coaches we’ll often find them at a conference or an event and approach them afterwards because they’ve already shared their results in the presentation. We consume more of their content or listen to their podcasts. Every program may not work for you, but you can probably find some way to learn or grow by going through it. 

There have been times where Melissa was a skeptic about a purchase I made. She gets nervous when we invest thousands of dollars on items, but time and time again, those investments have returned for us, so she’s learned to be less of a skeptic. We paid $2,500 for a bunch of stretchers and have made $40,000 to $50,000 off them. Another example is the jetskis, which were purchased for $5,000 and turned into $18,000. Sometimes you have to do the research and take the risk. 

Why Is Someone Skeptical?

Maybe they’ve been burned in the past or they’ve tried a lot and failed. Another reason could be they’re unhappy with their circumstances, so they’re just going to blame the external circumstances instead of looking at what they could do to improve the situation. A lot of the negative people on the internet might fall into that camp. 

If you do find yourself being a skeptic, what can you do? Try to combat that. Of course, be cautious. Do your research. Consume free content. Ask questions.

Can You Be A Skeptic And Successful At The Same Time?

The moral of the story is you can be a skeptic and be successful, but you will have to dig into it. Doubt can be helpful to help you avoid scams, but don’t let it stop you from starting something.

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