My new strategy to start a Youtube Channel to boost my micro-startups | by David, @journeypreneur


Hello Solopreneurs! As I have often pointed out in my previous posts, I have launched various solo ventures, including this very blog. But, one obstacle I continually face during the initial stages of my projects is generating traffic when I introduce new products to the market. Just because certain products aren’t capturing attention, it doesn’t mean they lack value. Attracting users can be tough considering the sheer amount of competition currently present across different product types, markets, and industries.

Often, after a quick Google search, I find several platforms already offering the same or similar product to the one I planned to launch. This realization prompts me to shelve the idea, reluctant to invest time that might not yield revenue, especially since I am not prepared to fund advertising or form a development team. Thus, I find myself developing everything single-handedly.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

So, I began exploring ways to generate organic traffic and hopefully start earning some income on the side. The plan involves creating online content to foster a community interested in my ideas and projects, and that wishes to get involved right from the inception of the projects. I aim to share the lessons I’ve learned (both triumphs and trials) during my solopreneur journey. The motivation behind creating this informative blog, the Journeypreneur, was to form a community and boost traffic whenever I kick off new projects, while simultaneously generating some income (in this case through Medium’s monetization program, which earns me +$100 per month — not much, but it covers the time invested). Now, considering the time invested in creating content for Medium, I want to leverage this informative content to create video versions for Youtube.

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