Start a Faceless Youtube channel to earn +$5000/month!! | by David, @journeypreneur


Have you ever thought about creating your own YouTube channel, but you’re an introverted person or simply don’t want to show your face? Have you thought of several content ideas if you had your YouTube channel, but always feared exposing yourself?

Start a Faceless Youtube Channel to earn more than $5000 / Month

Well, in fact, there are many creators in the same situation who have found ways to create their video content, without the need to show their face or even their voice. But the best part is that these people probably work fewer hours than you, and earn much more than you (and me) per month. For example, there are channels that easily generate +$2 million per year!!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m working on creating my new YouTube channel, a channel that will serve to create the content of my blog but in video version. But as always, when I enter a new project, I seek to start well and with the right knowledge for the beginning of that project. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of time, creating content without the value that is intended to offer, is just a waste of time (it will only serve to know that I was on the wrong path). But this research on how to start a successful YouTube channel has been very interesting, and I have actually found a new world of money-making opportunities. Be aware that I’m not saying that these will be opportunities to make easy money, but they are ways to start generating scalable online value.

In this case, I have found several informative videos on how to make money through YouTube but without showing the author’s face. In fact, without making any video recording, but yes, with the right skills, make video edits capable of generating an excellent form of monetizing your videos.


Here is the peculiarity of these types of faceless channels. Normally, faceless channels have fewer followers, or less engagement from their followers. This is because what attracts views in this type of video is not so much through the content creator, but rather, to find an answer to a certain question or content to help in a certain action. Above all, they are videos focusing on a…

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